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General conditions Papillon Reizen



1. Booking
Bookings can be made by filling in the booking form on the website and sending it to Papillon Reizen. A down payment at the account of Papillon Reizen is due to complete the booking. Name of the guest, journey and the date of the journey should be mentioned. Costs related to (international) bank transfers are to be paid for by the guest. After reception of the booking form and the payment, a confirmation with all relevant travel information will be sent by email.

2. Payment
At booking a down payment of € 400 per person for group journeys or 25% of the total costs for the journey for tailor-made journeys is due. The remaining sum – and additional costs if applicable – should be received by Papillon Reizen at least six weeks prior to the journey.
If at the time of booking less than six weeks are left till the starting date of the journey, the entire amount should be paid at once. Payments should always be received prior to the start of the journey. Papillon Reizen has the right to cancel / not execute a journey, should payment not be received (in time). Costs made by Papillon Reizen for the purpose of the journey are to be paid for by the client.

3. Costs of the journey
For each journey it is clearly mentioned what is included in the costs.
Standard the costs for (air)fare to the in the itinerary mentioned airport are not included. In case a guest chooses to arrive or depart on dates other than mentioned in the itinerary, extra costs could apply for airport transfers and/or accommodation.

4. Insurances
Concluding travel and cancellation insurance is the responsibility of the guest. It is recommended to also check with the health insurer if medical costs and costs related to a(n acute) medical situation during the journey abroad will be compensated. If not, it is recommended to add this to the travel insurance.

5. Travel documents and vaccinations
It is the traveler’s responsibility to take care of the necessary and valid travel documents and vaccinations. 

6. Airport transfers
When airport transfers are part of the journey all necessary information, such as dates, flight numbers and times of arrival and departure, should be sent to Papillon Reizen at least a week prior to arrival.

7. Cancellation
In case of cancellation of the journey by the guest, the following costs will apply:
- till six weeks prior to the start of the journey: the down payment
- six weeks till two weeks prior to the start of the journey: 70% of the costs of the journey
- less than two weeks prior to the start of the journey: 100% of the costs of the journey
In case of cancellation more than two weeks prior to the journey, the difference between the amount paid and the cancellation fee will be returned after deducting applicable costs for bank services.
Papillon Reizen cannot be held responsible for costs that already have been made for (air)fares, vaccinations, visa and other products and services related to the journey.

8. Cancellation by Papillon Reizen
In case the minimum number of participants for a group journey has not yet been reached eight weeks prior to the journey, Papillon Reizen will offer the opportunity to make the journey with a smaller group, against an additional per person fee.
If not all guests agree, Papillon has the right to cancel the journey till six weeks prior to the starting date without having to pay any form of compensation. The payments made by the guests will be returned in full.
Papillon Reizen cannot be held responsible for the costs that already have been made for (air)fares, vaccinations, visa and other products and services related to the journey.

9. Delayed arrival
In case a guest has a delayed arrival, e.g. as the result of the airline being on strike or missing a connection, and arrives later than the date of arrival as mentioned in the itinerary, Papillon Reizen will assist in all possible ways to have the guest join the group.
Papillon Reizen cannot be held responsible for missing out on part of the itinerary and the consequences hereof.
In case additional costs apply to join the group, these costs will be paid for by the guest to Papillon Reizen and/or third parties.

10. Health
A good health and good shape are required for traveling.
It is the guest’s responsibility to timely get the obliged vaccinations and to be informed on additional recommendations related to the prevention of illnesses.
If prior to the start of the journey medical circumstances are known of, that possibly could influence the journey, the guest should consult a doctor as well as Papillon Reizen.
Illnesses or disorders, known of in advance, may not be a hindrance to the group and or to the continuation of the journey.
The journeys of Papillon Reizen do include places where no acute medical assistance is available. In case of an acute medical situation, Papillon will of course do all possible – if possible in consultation with the insurance company of the guest – to arrange transport to a medical post.
Papillon Reizen cannot be held responsible or liable for the situation and possible consequences.

11. Premature completion of the journey
If a guest due to unforeseen circumstances or as a result of one’s own wish prematurely completes the journey, this could possibly lead to additional costs. If so, these costs should be paid for immediately to Papillon Reizen or third parties.

12. Liability
Papillon Reizen is in no case liable for the loss or theft of or damage to the guest’s belongings. Nor for loss and/or injury as a result of supremacy, amongst which natural disasters, strikes, political turmoil, war, local situations and circumstances out of the sphere of influence of Papillon Reizen etcetera.
Papillon Reizen cannot be taken responsible for costs that could have been covered by travel, cancellation and health insurance.
In the case that Papillon Reizen can be taken responsible for the loss of travel enjoyment, for costs as a result of injuries or the death of the guest and/or for the harm of the guest in the exercise of his duty, the compensation will never exceed the amount paid out by Papillon Reizen’s liability insurance (covering journeys in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Senegal and Togo). 

13. Itinerary
Papillon Reizen will do all possible to give the guest an enjoyable travel experience, according to the itinerary chosen. However, in spite of careful preparations, it can be necessary to change the itinerary prior to or during the journey, for instance as a result of weather circumstances, the cooperation with third parties and local circumstances. Traveling requires a flexible attitude. All the same when the occasion arises Papillon Reizen will opt for the best possible alternatives and solutions.

14. Fair trade
Papillon Reizen works together with the local people and other third parties, based on the fair trade principle and pays a fair price for products and services, based on the price level of the country.

15. Socially conscious

Papillon Reizen values a balance between giving and receiving.
Therefore all its partners can count on a cooperation based on equality, respect and trust, as well as on a fair price.
From every sold journey a minimum of € 10 will be donated to the Papillon emergency fund and another minimum of € 10 to the Papillon project fund. The Papillon emergency fund will be used to support locals in poignant situations. The Papillon project fund will support (small scale) local initiatives or own initiatives for the benefit of the local communities.

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