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The Papillon funds

Papillon not only feels like sharing West Africa's beauty with others, she also feels like sharing with West Africa and creating a balance between receiving and giving.
Therefore €10 of each sold journey will be put in the Papillon-emergency fund and another €10 in the Papillon-project fund.

Papillon-emergency fund
The local community can plea for a contribution from the Papillon-emergency fund in poignant situations when a family cannot bring up the necessary funds themselves. This could, for instance, be for medicines or medical assistance in case of illness or an accident, but also for a contribution to a funeral or the rebuilding of an in the rainy season collapsed house.
Each request will be discussed with and judged by our local contacts.

Papillon-project fund
The Papillon-project fund is created to support (small scale) local initiatives, for instance with a focus on the environment. This could be a project to raise the awareness on waste and environment or a project that contributes to minimizing the amount of waste and stimulates reusing and recycling.
Possibly Papillon will create projects in cooperation with the local communities.

Mali - Dogon granary