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About Papillon

After having worked as ‘a spider in the web’ for over seventeen years, the second half of 2005 lead to a U-turn in Monique's life. Having sold her apartment, quitting her job was a logical next step. The well-organized personal assistant turned into a nomad with a backpack. For years she has traveled the world, one journey leading to the other. Plans often got shape when she was on the road and many times the flow lead to places she could not even have thought of in advance. Amongst others Peru, Bolivia, the Way of St. James in Spain, Russia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Iceland, Greenland and Antarctica were visited, before she lost her heart to Mali.

The ideas for Papillon Reizen were born and gradually got shape in close collaboration with Boureima (aka Ibrahim) Kassogue. Dogon by origin Ibrahim has worked as a guide in Dogon Country as well as the rest of Mali, from his early years.

A Dutch company in the start, Papillon has altered to a Malian company in 2011. To be able to create an even better balance between receiving and giving, together with the Malian people.
In 2012 Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo were added as travel destinations.  

West Africa, its people and Papillon Reizen are a constant source of inspiration, inviting to stretch borders and take up new challenges. What’s obvious in the western world, usually isn’t in Africa. And what's obvious to an African usually isn't to a traveler. Papillon bridges the gap. 

We love to share our love for Mali, West Africa, its people and culture with you in small-scale theme-based group journeys and tailor-made journeys. We are looking forward to meeting you and to introducing you to other cultures.

With warm regards,

Monique Teggelove & Ibrahim Kassogue