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We're hiring

vrijdag, 05 mei 2017

Are you our new colleague?

Papillon Reizen, a fast-growing, Ségou-based travel agency is hiring a

tourism professional (agent de tourisme)

Papillon Reizen offers high quality services to an ever growing group of customers coming from far and near. We serve budget travellers as well as travellers who enjoy comfort. Locals and expats as well as individual travellers and tour-operators, both for excursions and for inbound travel. We cater to the needs of our clients and work according to the fair-trade principle!

As our new colleague you assist the founders of the company with the organisation of journeys and short trips as well as with all administrative tasks involved, such as reservations, contact with guides and drivers and checking and preparing budgets. You’re in contact with our clients and advise them based on their travel needs. And you are invited to contribute to the expansion of our services. We love good ideas!
Please take a look at our website ( and Facebook page for an impression of the journeys and activities we organize as well as for the things we value.

As our new colleague, you understand the power of a good team and you are willing to contribute your time and energy
- to being a great colleague
- to contributing to the growth of the company
- to delivering high quality services and ‘journeys to remember’ to our clients
- to going the extra mile that makes the difference between good and excellent
- to helping us develop more amazing travel experiences

Qualities and skills we are looking for in our new colleague include:
- fluent in English, orally and in written
- fluent in French, orally and in written
- speaking Bambara is a pre
- used to working with a computer
- knowledge of Word, Excel and Outlook
- flexible attitude
- team player as well as capable to work independently
- eye for detail without losing the overall view
- eager to learn and to share
- open-mindedness
- taking initiatives
- accuracy
- respect for nature, culture and population
- love for tourism and for West Africa

We offer:
- a full-time job in which you can further develop yourself, your knowledge and your skills
- a pleasant work environment in our Ségou office
- a place in a small dynamic team of (international) professionals
- salary based on your level of experience and education – conform Malian standards

At Papillon Reizen we value our cultural and religious differences and the uniqueness of each person, regardless of gender. We value coming from different backgrounds, knowing that each of us contributes his / her unique part to the company and to the services we deliver to our clients.

We ask of our new colleague to be based in Ségou. Do you not yet know Ségou, we advise you to visit the town to see if it is a place you would like to settle.

Do you recognize yourself in the above profile?

We then warmly invite you to send us your letter of motivation in English (make sure to explain why we should invite you for an interview) along with your curriculum vitae, copies of diplomas, a copy of your ID, a validated birth certificate, a proof of residence, proof of a clean sheet, references and other relevant information to:

Papillon Reizen
Attn. Mr Karl Amos Maladena
B.P. 285

Or by email to:

Do you want more information before sending in your application?
Call Karl (chargé RH) at 70332020 or Monique (director) at 76689115.

An English and French test as well as a medical test and reference check may be part of the hiring procedure.

Make sure your application has reached us before 22 May 2017.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Only serious applications please.

If you look for strict hierarchical lines or for a place to sleep, watch funny videos and set out on private shopping trips, this is not the right position for you ;-)


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