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terug naar de reis

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Guinea-Sierra Leone trip

day 1 (Saturday)
The day is dedicated to the journey to Guinea. Arrival at Conakry international airport. Transfer to the accommodation. night in: Conakry
meals included: -
travel distance and estimated time: 10 ks – 1h or more (depending on traffic)

day 2 (Sunday)

We make our way out of town and travel to Samaya village. The journey offers us a first impression of the Guinean infrastructure. We share the windy roads with trucks and fully loaded bush taxis. Leaving the tarmac road, we continue on a dirt road through a lush rural area.
Samaya village is situated on a lake with the same name. On Sunday people travel from far and near to the village for the week market, which is one of the prettiest in the region. Different ethnic groups such as Fula and Susu visit the market. We visit the market and enjoy a picnic lunch on the lakeside, before getting on board for the boat trip to the village of Waliya, where we camp for the night.
Dances typical for this region are performed for us, and we are invited to dance along on the rhythm of the balafon and drums.
night in: Waliya
meals included: B-L-D
travel distance and estimated time: 105 ks – 4-5 hours

day 3 (Monday)
After breakfast we visit the village. By boat we travel to the Susu village Kaporo. We visit the village and cross the lake one more time to return to Samaya. By car we continue to Kindia, where our arrival is expected in the late afternoon. In town we visit the weavers and the wood carvers. Statues as high as 3 metres are made here. Enjoy exploring the town.
night in: Kindia

meals included: B-L
travel distance and estimated time: 60 ks – 2.5 hours

day 4 (Tuesday)
Before leaving town we visit fabric dyers.
The day is dedicated to the drive into the Fouta Djalon highlands. On the way we visit the Bride’s Veil, a waterfall is set in a scenery with tall bamboo.
Dalaba is the starting point for our time in Fouta Djalon. It is one of the places in Guinea, where the French colonial history has been preserved. We visit the neighborhood of the ‘chargeurs’ with its colonial buildings, the French governor’s house and the ‘case à palabre’ in traditional Fula style. Both from the governor’s house and from our hotel we have great views on the Fouta Djalon.
night in: Dalaba

meals included: B-L
travel distance and estimated time: 215 ks – 4-5 hours

day 5 (Wednesday)
Today we travel deeper into Fouta Djalon. Before doing so we visit a nearby hamlet, where the women are experts in weaving baskets and mats. The beautiful crafts can be bought direct from the women. We continue our journey to Pita, where we visit the weavers. After a picnic lunch at the Kinkon falls we continue to Ainguel for the night.
night in: Ainguel
meals included: B-L-D
travel distance and estimated time: 80 ks – 3-4 hours

day 6 (Thursday)
After breakfast we set out on a short hike in the surroundings. We get an impression of the village with traditional Fula huts and visit the nearby falls and God’s bridge.
We continue our road-trip to Douki. In the afternoon a walk (of about 1.5 hours) is made through an area with impressive nature and rocks. At some point it may feel like you’re in the jungle, and not surprisingly this area is nick-named Indiana Jones.
night in: Douki
meals included: B-L-D
travel distance and estimated time: 30 ks – 1.5 hours

day 7 (Friday)
Morning road-trip to Labé. Keep an eye out for primates. Fouta Djalon is home to five species including chimpanzees, baboons and red monkeys.
In Labé we visit the Fouta Djalon museum and the vibrant market area.
Through story telling and cultural exchange we learn more about the Fula population group and their history.
night in: Labé
meals included: B-L
travel distance and estimated time: 90 ks – 4-5 hours

day 8 (Saturday)
A visit is made to a sandpit for an introduction to artisanal sand digging.
We continue to the Saala falls, one of the highest falls in the country. Here we have a fair chance to see and hear primates. Baboons can often been seen sitting on the rocks near the water, and with a bit of luck some chimpanzees may show up.
Picnic lunch at the falls, where we can enjoy a refreshing bath. 
night in: Labé
meals included: B-L
travel distance and estimated time: 100 ks – 1.5-2 hours

day 9 (Sunday)
We drive to Fougoumba, the ancient religious capital of the Fouta Djalon, where we can see the last remaining mosque with a thatched roof. The history of the Fouta Djalon and the ancient governance of the area are explained to us.
On the way to Dalaba a visit is made to the Ditin Falls, another of the region’s natural wonders.
night in: Dalaba
meals included: B-L
travel distance and estimated time: 100 ks - 1.5-2 hours 

day 10 (Monday)
A long drive to arrive at Coyah today. On the way we visit the Kissili falls, where we enjoy a picnic lunch. Our arrival in Coyah is expected in the late afternoon.
night in: Coyah
meals included: B-L-D
travel distance and estimated time: 345 ks – 7-8 hours

day 11 (Tuesday)
A long day of driving as we cross the border into Sierra Leone and towards the capital, Freetown. Arrival time in Freetown in the afternoon, depending on the time needed at the border.
night in: Freetown
meals included: B-L
travel distance and estimated time: 265 ks – 5-6 hours + time at the border

day 12 (Wednesday)
We explore Sierra Leone’s capital the local way, by using a keke (tuktuk). We visit the Peace Museum for an understanding of the war history of the country. Visits also include the national museum, landmarks and the Big Market; a great place to buy local crafts.
night in: Freetown
meals included: B-L
travel distance and estimated time: short transfers

day 13 (Thursday)
Early morning drive to Kent, from where we take a boat to Banana Island. A transfer of 15-30 minutes depending on the current.
Banana Island is not only a place to relax and enjoy some time on the beach. It also offers nature and history. We explore the island by setting out on a historical tour. The walk takes us to the structures of the first European settlers in Sierra Leone, including the ruins of the Slave Hole, the Old Fort, the old St. Lukés church and to a small museum with chains and tools dating back to the time of the slave traders. We combine the walk with a visit to the village of Dublin, where we get a glimpse of the past and present of Banana Island.
After lunch a forest walk is made to learn more about the natural beauty of the island. The dense forest is a natural habitat much-loved by birds. The substantial number of species include the rare Picathartes Gymnoceplahus and the endangered Rufous Fishing owl.
night in: Banana Island
meals included: B-L-D
travel distance and estimated time: 60 ks - 1-1.5 hours

day 14 (Friday)

An early breakfast followed by the boat trip back to the peninsula. We’re expected at Tacugama’s Chimpanzee sanctuary at 10:15am for a guided tour. Even though the chimpanzee is a protected animal, they are still being hunted and kept as pets. Quite a few chimps - orphaned or rescued from captivity – live at the sanctuary and are in the process of reacclimatising to community life.
Following on the tour we start the long drive to Kambama in the East of the country. The village on the Moa river is home to the Mendé people. Cultural exchange with the villagers.
night in: Kambama
meals included: B-L-D
travel distance and estimated time: 325 ks – 5-6 hours

day 15 (Saturday)
A short boat ride from the shore takes us to Tiwai island; a sanctuary and a haven for wildlife, including 11 species of primates, about 100 butterfly species, over 130 bird species and the rare and endemic pygmy hippo. We explore the island through a tree walk (1.5-2 hours) and a forest walk (1.5-2 hours). Lunch on the island.
In the late afternoon we transfer back to Kambama, say goodbye to the villagers and continue to Kenema, a pleasant town in the heart of the diamond mining region. Many a diamond trader has an office in town.
night in: Kenema
meals included: B-L
travel distance and estimated time: 90 ks – 1.5-2 hours

day 16 (Sunday)
We visit a nearby village to learn about artisanal diamond mining, which is especially practised by the young men.
A mask dancing ceremony is performed for us.
Afternoon road-trip to Makeni.
night in: Makeni
meals included: B-L
travel distance and estimated time: 210 ks - 3 hours

day 17 (Monday)
Visit of Makeni, including the market and a walk along the town’s architectural landmarks, such as the town hall, the mosque and the post office.
Afternoon road-trip to Lungi.
night in: Lungi
meals included: B-L
travel distance and estimated time: 165 ks – 2.5 hours

day 18 (Tuesday)
The last day of our trip is dedicated to Tasso and Bunce Island, situated in the Sierra Leone river. We explore village life on Tasso Island. After lunch we continue to Bunce Island, for a visit to an old slave fort.
Late afternoon transfer back to Lungi. Evening transfer to the airport for the outbound flight.
day-use of room in: Lungi
meals included: B-L
travel distance and estimated time: 120 ks - 2 hours

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In het kort

Dag 1: (late) aankomst in Conakry
Dag 2: Conakry - Waliya
Dag 3: Waliya - Kindia
Dag 4: Kindia - Dalaba
Dag 5-9: Fouta Djalon
Dag 10: Dalaba - Coyah
Dag 11: Coyah - Freetown
Dag 12: Freetown
Dag 13: Freetown - Banana Island
Dag 14: Banana Island - Kambama
Dag 15: Tiwai Island - Kenema
Dag 16: Kenema - Makeni
Dag 17: Makeni - Lungi
Dag 18: Tasso & Bunce eiland - vertrek
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€ 3.795,- per persoon
single supplement € 639,-


7-24 november 2020
individuele verlengingen en maatwerkreizen mogelijk


Alle overnachtingen (Conakry, Kindia, Dalaba, Labé, Coyah, Kenema, Freetown, Makeni en Lungi in hotel, kamperen in Waliya, Ainguel, Douki, Banana Island en Kambama), gebruik van tenten, Engels sprekende gids en lokale assistenten, kosten gerelateerd aan de in het programma vermelde excursies, luchthaventransfers, transport met terreinwagen(s), toeristenbelastingen, ontbijt dag 2-18, lunch dag 2-18, diner dag 2, 5-6 en 13-14, eerlijke vergoeding aan een ieder waarmee we samenwerken.


Reis naar Conakry en van Freetown, visa, vaccinaties, persoonlijke verzekeringen (waaronder reis- en annuleringsverzekering), overige maaltijden, drinken, souvenirs, persoonlijke uitgaven, optionele en exta activiteiten, fooien.


Speciaal voor onze groep georganiseerd transport (terreinwagens). Het aantal terreinwagens wordt afgestemd op de groepsgrootte, met een maximum van drie reizigers per auto.


Op basis van overnachting in tweepersoons kamers. De voorzieningen en het sanitair in kampementen en dorpen zijn eenvoudig.
Het single supplement geeft recht op eenpersoons gebruik van kamers en tenten - op basis van beschikbaarheid.
Kamers met twee bedden zijn zeldzaam. Indien de voorkeur uitgaat naar een twin-kamer, informeer dan naar de mogelijkheden.


minimaal 6 personen
maximaal 12 personen

zwaarte van de reis

In Guinee en Sierra Leone zijn de faciliteiten en infrastructuur voor toerisme beperkt. Onverharde wegen en wegen met gaten maken deel uit van de reiservaring. Stroom- en waterstoringen komen voor; ook in hotels. Er wordt meerdere nachten gekampeerd in eenvoudige omstandigheden.
Wandelingen van enkele uren (over oneffen oppervlak) zijn in het programma opgenomen.
Een open mind en een flexibele en avontuurlijke instelling zijn belangrijk om deze reis ten volle te kunnen waarderen.


Guinee: single entry visum
Sierra Leone: single entry visum


Indien een uitnodigingsbrief benodigd is voor de visumaanvraag, wordt deze verstrekt na ontvangst van de aanbetaling.


Aanbetaling bij boeking: 25%.
Betaling van het resterende bedrag zes weken voor aanvang van de reis.
Volledige betaling bij boeking indien minder dan zes weken resteren tot aanvang van de reis.


In geval van annulering door de reiziger zijn de volgende kosten van toepassing:
- tot zes weken voor aanvang van de reis: bedrag van de aanbetaling
- zes tot twee weken voor aanvang van de reis: 70% van de reissom
- minder dan twee weken voor aanvang van de reis: 100% van de reissom

verantwoord reizen

Papillon Reizen hecht er waarde aan een evenwicht te creëren tussen ontvangen en geven. Daarom betalen we een eerlijke vergoeding voor producten en diensten. Daarnaast dragen al onze activiteiten bij aan de Papillon-fondsen.

praktische informatie

Klik op de links voor meer informatie over Guinee en Sierra Leone.
Na boeking wordt per email een boekingsbevestiging met uitgebreide reisinformatie en een bagagelijst toegezonden.