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1 - crepissage djenne mali
2 - crepissage djenne mali
3 - crepissage djenne mali ruud
4 - crepissage djenne mali
5 - Mali Djenne plastering crepissage


Mali the Malian way:
Plastering Djenné's mosque


Day 1 - Saturday

Arrive in Djenné in the early afternoon. You’re immersed in the biggest event of the year as soon as you enter the old town. Chances are you want to grab your camera, hop out of the car and be part of it, before you even made it to the hotel. Preparations for the big day are in full swing. Mud and water are being carried into town to guarantee an early start tomorrow.
Meet your guide at the hotel and set out on a guided walk through the old town. View the mosque from a rooftop and visit landmarks such as the sacred well.
When daylight fades you return to the hotel for dinner.

Day 2 - Sunday

The plastering starts right after the morning prayers, which are dedicated to the protection of the people plastering of the mosque.
Meet your guide at 6am. Be dressed to the occasion and be ready to get dirty. You’re not just a spectator - unless you prefer so; we make you part of the event.
Before getting into action the chief & elders are paid a visit to show respect and hand gifts & money for the participation & construction. Your access to the activities is taken care of and you’re ready to jump into the adventure. Protect your belongings against flying- around mud and enjoy an incredible day. Today you’re allowed into the mosque and all the way up on the roof. Around 10am the job is done. Time to enjoy a well-deserved breakfast & shower at the hotel.
Depending on your foreseen departure time from Djenné: visit the rivershore near the ferry. Boys and girls have gathered here to swim, wash their muddy clothes and most of all to have a good time.

Enjoy a muddy weekend!


Day 3 - Monday

Djenné is well-known for its Monday market on the square in front of the mosque. From the early morning hours inhabitants from surrounding villages make their way to town. They arrive on foot, by boat, on horse carts and on / in fully loaded minibuses and trucks. Within a few hours time the square turns into a colorful market, where all local produce is for sale.
While villagers make their way into town, you get out of town (by car or on a horse cart) to visit one or two of the villages surrounding Djenné. The Fulani, Bozo and Bambara are the main population groups in and around Djenné. Visiting their villages offers an insight in their daily lives and their culture.
Return to Djenné and visit the market. Your guide explains about the local & regional products.
Depature time from Djenné adjusted to your preferences.

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In short

Day 1: Djenné
Day 2: Djenné
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from 64,000 FCFA
depending on length of the stay and the hotel chosen


annual, weekend in March, April or May
take a look in the travel calendar for dates


Accommodation, breakfast, English (and French) spoken local guides, all costs related to the activities including tourist taxes and tokens of respect to the village chief & elders.


Transport to and from Djenné, personal insurances (such as travel and cancellation insurance), drinks, other meals, souvenirs, personal expenses.

responsible travel

Papillon Reizen values taking her responsibility. That is why we pay a fair price for goods and services. Besides all our activities contribute to the Papillon funds.


Catered to your needs.


Hotel and room type to your choice.

group size

maximum 8 people

comfort level of the journey

A good shape and flexible attitude are required to take part in the activities.

practical information

For practical information and information on Mali click here.
After booking a confirmation email with extensive travel information, practical information and a baggage checklist will be sent to you.