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Small-scale group journeys in West Africa

Experiencing West Africa is surrendering to the rhythm of life and the heartbeat of the continent.
Letting go of all your expectations and enjoying what reveals itself when it announces itself.

In our group journeys we take you to special places and connect with the local people and the local habits. Small scale typical local festivals, home stays and every day life are the center of our journeys. With a maximum of 8 travelers per group you're guaranteed a unique experience.

Our theme-based group journeys and roundtrips give an insight in African culture & daily life.
Check out the journeys listed per country below or take a look in our travel calender for trips scheduled.



Stilt villages, voodoo festivals and wildlife; Benin offers something for everyone!

Round-trip Benin with voodoo festival

Round-trip Togo & Benin - Summer journey


Burkina Faso

Impressive nature, traditional architecture and a heart warming population; a well-kept secret! 

Burkina Faso Hiking journey

Round trip Burkina Faso with mask festival


Guinea and Sierra Leone

Abundant nature, friendly people, and hardly any tourism!

Group tour Guinea-Sierra Leone



Music, mud architecture, nomadic tribes and Dogon Country. Be warned: if you visit Mali once, you'll want to visit it again!

Round-trip Mali with Festival sur le Niger

Round-trip Mali - Summer journey

Boat trip on the Niger river: Ségou-Koulikoro

Mali the Malian way: Mask & Puppet festival

Mali the Malian way: the Great Cattle Crossing

Mali the Malian way: Plastering Djenné's Mosque

Mali the Malian way: pirogueraces on the River Niger



The perfect destination for travelers who love a bit of adventure, looking for virgin territory!

Round-trip Togo & Benin - Summer journey


Sample trips

Click on a link in the schedule below to download a sample trip.
The sample trips are available in three categories:
- adventurous: travel on public (or private) transport and most nights in basic accommodations
- medium: based on private transport and medium comfort for accommodations
- comfortable: based on private transport and accommodation according to the 'best-in-town' principle
The trips can be adjusted to your specific travel wishes.

  8-day Benin


medium comfortable
15-day Benin


medium comfortable
  8-day Burkina Faso


  8-day Mali


15-day Mali


15-day Mali-Burkina Faso  


  8-day Togo adventurous medium comfortable 
15-day Togo adventurous medium comfortable
  8-day Togo-Benin adventurous medium comfortable
15-day Togo-Benin adventurous medium comfortable


Do the above journeys not meet your travel needs?
Together we create your unique journey:

Your Tailor-made trip