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Family trips
Travel West Africa with your children


With your family to West Africa? Why not?
Africans love children, which will make it even more easy to connect with the locals and get a feel of daily local life.

A journey with (young) children asks of course for a different way of preparing and for an adjusted itinerary. We will be happy to be of help!

Our itineraries for family journeys meet the wishes and needs of both children and their parents. They are written in a way your children will understand, preparing them for the journey and making them part of the travel preparations.
The practical information for your destination meets the specific needs of traveling families.


Gain inspiration or get an idea of the possibilities per destination?

Click on the links below for a sample journey per country.

Sample Family trip Benin

Sample Family trip Burkina Faso

Sample Family trip Mali

Sample Family trip Togo


Alexander (10) and Manon (7) traveled to Burkina Faso with their parents in July 2014, and this is what they said about their journey:
I really liked our holiday in West Africa. Our tour guide was very good. He knew veeeery muuuch. He did a lot for us. Very nice trips and much more.
Some things were exciting, but not really scary. Most funny were the elephants and crocodiles. We also went swimming at a water fall, that was really cool.
When mom and dad had their wedding anniversary, it was cool too, because we went rock climbing and in the evening there was a band and people from the village were dancing!!
I also liked playing football with Ibrahim and the boys in Tiébélé, Sindou and Ouagadougou, and that we went to the stadium. The drumming classes were fun too.
It was super super fun in Burkina Faso!!



I liked our holiday very much too. The swimming paradise was the most fun, and I miss Ibrahim.

Kiss from Manon. Bye!

Curious about the possibilities for your family?

Contact us through the link below or send us an email.

Tailor-made Family journey