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1 - Tata in Tamberma Country - Togo
2 - Taneka King - Benin
3 - Palmoil production - Togo
4 - Noukoué Lake - Benin
5 - fishermen at the beach - Togo

Round-trip Togo & Benin
with Savalou yam festival

18-day round-trip through known and unknown Togo and Benin, small group tour

Visiting vibrant markets and getting to know the daily life of different ethnic groups are part of this round-trip through Togo and Benin. We set out on a journey, inviting us to meet the past and present of two extraordinary West African countries with an open mind and to gather insights about other cultures, traditions and religions. One of the highlights of our trip is the annual Savalou yam festival.


We start our trip in the South of Togo and Benin; the coastal area, where the voodoo religion has its roots, and is visible all around. Continue to the green and fertile Southwest of Togo and the pretty Plateau de Danyi. In the North we visit the castle houses of the Tamberma and Somba, along the border of Togo and Benin. We go off the beaten paths to visit the Fulani and the Taneka, where it may feel like we’ve stepped back in time. We visit the King and the Spiritual Leader, who play an important role in the Taneka community and learn about the simplicity and complexity of daily life in the villages with thatched roofed mud huts. We visit the unknown Ola-Obé festival, and the annual festival celebrating the yam. Via the sacred hills of Dassa and the history of the Dahomey Kingdom the journey goes back to the South for an overnight boat-trip on Lake Noukoué, to get to know the Tofinu people and to learn about their life on the water and in the stilt villages.


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In short

Day 1: (late) arrival in Cotonou
Day 2: Cotonou-Ouidah
Day 3: Ouidah-Grand Popo
Day 4: Grand Popo-Aného
Day 5: Aného & surroundings
Day 6: Aného-Kpalimé
Day 7: Kpalimé-Danyi Plateau
Day 8: Danyi Plateau-Kara
Day 9: Kara-Tamberma Country
Day 10: Tamberma-Natitingou
Day 11: Natitingou-Taneka Country
Day 12: Taneka Country-Dassa
Day 13: Oba-Olé festival
Day 14: Savalou yam festival
Day 15: Dassa-Abomey
Day 16: Abomey-Noukoué Lake
Day 17: Noukoué Lake-Porto Novo
Day 18: Porto Novo-departure
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€ 1,875 per person
single supplement € 236


2-19 August 2021 (dates Ola Obé festival not confirmed yet for 2021)

Individual extensions possible.
Available as a tailor-made journey.


All nights in accommodation, all meals, English and French speaking accompanying guide and local guides/assistants, all costs related to the excursions mentioned in the itinerary, all transport related to the itinerary, airport transfers and tourist taxes.


(Air) fare to Cotonou v.v., visas, vaccinations, personal insurances (such as travel, cancellation and health), drinks, additional meals, souvenirs, personal expenses, upgrade of rooms, accommodation or means of transport, optional and additional side-trips.

responsible travel

Papillon Reizen values taking her responsibility. That is why we pay a fair price for goods and services. Besides all our activities contribute to the Papillon funds.


Especially for the group arranged transport.


Based on double rooms (where possible with fan). During this journey the nights are spent in hotels, B&B’s, tents and basic accommodations in villages.
Note: twin rooms cannot be guaranteed. If single beds are required, we advise opting for the single supplement.
The single supplement gives right to a single room and tent. Depending on availability.

group size

4 to 8 people

comfort level
of the journey

Being healthy, open-minded and flexible as well as having an adventurous attitude are required for this journey, in which facilities are basic in several places.

practical information

Brief information on Togo and Benin is available on our website. After booking a confirmation e-mail with extensive travel information, practical information and a baggage checklist will be sent.