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Papillon's journeys & activities

Collective fishing event (Ségou, Mali) available
awaiting date, Saturday in June
1 day     book this trip
Round-trip Mali - Summer journey   available
Sunday 22 July - Saturday 4 August 2018 14 days € 1,495   book this trip
Round-trip Togo-Benin - Summer journey   available
Thursday 9 - Saturday 25 August 2018 17 days € 1,570   book this trip
Boat trip with Macina pirogue races (Mali)      available
21-23 September 2018 3 days 110,000 FCFA   book this trip
Tabayho - Djenné (Mali)       available
Thursday-Saturday, probably October 2018
tailor-made     book this trip
Boat trip to the Great Cattle Crossing (Mali)      available
probably late November 2018
3 days 120,000 FCFA   book this trip
Burkina Faso Hiking journey  
Friday 9 - Friday 23 November 2018 15 days € 1,395   book this trip
Ceramics trip Benin available
Friday 16 - Friday 30 November 2018 15 days € 1,409   book this trip
Round-trip Benin with voodoo festival  
Friday 28 December 2018 -
Saturday 12 January 2019
16 days € 1,575   book this trip
Papillon Reizen at the Utrecht Holiday Fair (NL)      
Tuesday 8 - Sunday 13 January 2019   entry fee fair   buy your ticket
Round-trip Mali with Festival sur le Niger   available 
awaiting dates, probably first half February 15 days   book this trip
Boat trip with visit to a puppet & mask festival (Mali)     available 
awaiting dates, probably a weekend in March
2 days 55,000 FCFA   book this trip
Papillon Reizen at the ITB Berlin (DE)          
Wednesday 6 - Sunday 10 March 2019   entry fee fair   buy your ticket
Plastering of the Grande Mosquée (Djenné - Mali)     available
weekend, probably in April, awaiting dates 2 days from 49,500 FCFA   book this trip
Hiking in Mandé country (Mali)        available
dates to be determined
2 days     book this trip
Round-trip Burkina Faso with Festima   available
awaiting dates - February-March 2020 15 days     book this trip
 * All prices listed are per person.
   We offer special prices for children on our boat trips in Mali.
 ** All trip rates listed are exclusive of air fares





















Besides of the group activities and journeys listed in the travel calendar, we tailor-make activities and journeys to make them fit your travel needs.

For your information:
10,000 FCFA = € 15.24