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Mali delivered to you!

Since our foundation in 2010 we have focussed on how to share the best of our destinations with you. Through group and tailor-made tours, excursions, school trips, and now also with virtual experiences. So you can spend some virtual time in Mali from the comfort of your home.

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Virtual Mali tours and experiences:

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Guided video tour of two calabash villages


Guided video tour of Mali's capital Bamako


Guided video tour of the capital of mud,
UNESCO world heritage town Djenné


Guided video tour of Manding country


Guided video tour of the Ségou week market


Guided video tour of Segoukoro
historical village


Guided video tour of the Sikasso region

We live in unprecedented times, requiring flexibility and new solutions. We worked tirelessly and travelled thousands of miles to share our beloved Mali with you in a new way. And making it accessible to an even larger group of people.

Twelve good reasons to order our virtual tours:
1. Ease your travel itches (at least temporarily).
2. Explore Mali without having to leave your home.
3. Visit places where travel is not possible (even when the borders reopen).
4. Visit places that are of the beaten tourist tracks (and add them to your Mali wish list).
5. Get a taste of the Malian traditional kitchen.
6. Explore the arts of Mali.
7. Meet the Papillon Reizen guides and team members.
8. The Papillon Reizen team members benefit from every virtual tour sold.
9. It helps us feed the extended Papillon Reizen family.
10. You support Papillon Reizen to make it beyond this crisis.
11. Original gifts for friends and family.
12. Made with love, enthusiasm, and passion.

From now on, we deliver Mali at your doorstep and into your living room.
With love, from us to you!



All in a sudden we’re living in a time, where a video replaces real travel.
A couple of years ago I travelled with you in the Dogon. And in 2019 I took some short trips, including a two-day boat tour on the Niger. Both were special experiences. Africa is “different” and has much to offer. When your mail arrived, mentioning that you would tape and offer virtual tours, I felt excited, and was wondering what it would look like, and if I would like it.
Having seen the “Manding Tour” I am even more excited. Good guidance, beautiful nature, waterfalls, and routes as you can only experience in Africa; impressively bumpy.
The Tours are more than worth the money spent. I am looking forward to the next one(s).
Monique and Ibrahim, keep up the good work!
Love, John!
July 2020

How are you? How is everything going with Papillon Reizen? Hope there has been much interest in the virtual tours. I very much enjoyed these tours. They presented a good overview of Mali and have me very much looking forward to travel around Mali.
Carolyn – Australia
August 2020