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1 - Round-trip Benin Noukoué lake
2 - Round-trip Benin voodoo festival
3 - Round-trip Benin Pendjari Park safari lion
4 - Round-trip Benin Fulani
5 - Round-trip Benin Taneka country

Round-trip Benin with voodoo festival
Meet the Kings of magical Benin

16-day round-trip Benin, small-scale group journey

All of a sudden he appears from out of nowhere, quietly and steadily continuing his way. The King of the Forest seems to be totally unaware of your presence, not feeling rushed at all. A nearby water pool is his destination. The messengers of the forest have timely announced his Highness’ arrival. Most of the animals have cleared the way for his Majesty.
Not far from there a voodoo King enters the stage, dressed in bright colors and decorated with impressive numbers of amulets and jewelry. He’s leading a dancing and singing crowd of followers. The beats of the drums attract even more people. It will be hard to miss out on the King’s arrival!


Benin is not just another African country. It combines history, nature, ancient cultures, a rich voodoo tradition and more in a country well prepared to welcome guests. In this journey we take you along a series of the country’s highlights and to some of its well-kept secrets, making sure you have an amazing experience and a journey to remember. Join us to stilt villages and ancient traditions, to traditional architecture and history, to a wildlife park and to Benin’s annual voodoo festivals. We look forward to taking you on a journey to remember!


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Enjoy a video by Martijn Maandag made during the 2017-2018 round-trip

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In short

Day 1: (late) arrival in Cotonou
Day 2: Cotonou-Porto Novo
Day 3: Porto Novo-Dassa
Day 4: Dassa & surroundings
Day 5: Dassa-Taneka Country
Day 6: Taneka Country-Natitingou
Day 7: Natitingou-Somba Country
Day 8: Somba Country-Tanougou
Day 9: Park Pendjari
Day 10: Park Pendjari-Natitingou
Day 11: Natitingou-Abomey
Day 12: Abomey-Ouidah
Day 13: Ouidah
Day 14: Ouidah-Grand Popo
Day 15: Grand Popo
Day 16: Grand Popo-departure
Day 17: home coming
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€ 1,575 per person
single supplement € 219


28 December 2018 - 12 January 2019

Individual extensions possible.
Available as a tailor-made journey.


All accommodation (hotels, B&B's and homestays), full board, English and French spoken guides, all costs related to excursions and transport as mentioned in the itinerary, airport transfers, tourist taxes.


Travel to and from Cotonou, visa, vaccinations, personal insurances (such as travel, health and cancellation), drinks, other meals, souvenirs, personal expenses, upgrade of accommodation and/or transport, optional side trips and activities on days off.

responsible travel

Papillon Reizen values taking her responsibility. That is why we pay a fair price for goods and services. Besides all our activities contribute to the Papillon funds.


Private group transport.


Rooms (where possible with fan), based on double occupancy. During this journey nights are spent in hotels, B&B's and in basic facilities with local families.
The single supplement gives the right to a single room. Depending on availability.

group size

4 - 8 people

comfort level
of the journey

Being healthy, open-minded and flexible as well as having an adventurous attitude are necessary for this journey, in which facilities will be simple in several places.

practical information

(Practical) information on Benin is available on our website. After booking extensive travel & practical information and a baggage checklist will be provided.