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Our journeys

Experiencing West Africa is surrendering to the rhythm of life and the heartbeat of the continent, letting go of expectations, enjoying what is, and being touched by the friendly people and the richness in colors, smells, sounds, tastes and impressions.

In our journeys we offer the possibility to experience, enjoy ánd relax. We combine special places and events with getting in touch with people and the culture, in an itinerary that leaves room for you. We strive for a balance between days on the road, guided tours and spare time. After all your on holidays!

Our theme-based journeys emphasize the specialties of the local culture and give you a chance to experience rather than to see. Our journeys stand out for the cooperation with the locals based on the fair trade principle and with care for the environment.

Papillon’s spearheads are:

  • cooperation with the natives, based on equality, respect and trust
  • fair compensation for products and services
  • a meeting of cultures; learning with and from each other
  • treat the environment with care
  • boost the local economy
  • small-scale, personal and interested
  • a maximum of 8 guests per group for our group journeys
  • personal accompanying

From the moment of your arrival at the airport till your departure, we take care of the organization of your journey.
Nothing is more annoying than financial setbacks during your holidays, therefore we have clearly described what additional costs to expect for your journey. 

And, since we fairly compensate our partners for products and services, tipping is optional. You may tip, but you don’t have to.

All of our journeys are carefully put together, both for the itinerary as for the people, companies and accommodations, we work with.
Creating journeys is an ongoing process at Papillon Reizen. Based on experiences, advanced insights and new ideas, existing concepts will be updated and new concepts will be created. The feedback of our guests plays an important role in this process.

Last but not least:
Traveling in West Africa requires a flexible and open attitude. Even though we will do all possible to make our journeys happen according to the itinerary, local circumstances and supremacy may lead to alterations. In such cases we will search for the best possible solution or alternative.

Djenné in Mali