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About Papillon

A Dutch company in the start, Papillon was altered to a Malian company in 2011 to be able to create an even better balance between receiving and giving with the Malian people. In 2012 Burkina Faso, Benin and Togo were added as travel destinations, followed by Guinea and Sierra Leone in 2019.

West Africa, its people and Papillon Reizen are a constant source of inspiration, stretching borders and taking up new challenges. What’s obvious in the western world, usually isn’t in Africa. And what's obvious to an African usually isn't to a traveler. Papillon bridges the gap. 

We love to share our love for Mali, West Africa, its people and culture with you in small-scale theme-based group journeys and tailor-made journeys. We are looking forward to meeting you and to introducing you to other cultures.